Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The boss made it a habit to stop by our apartment after the bar close almost every night. All of the dances and club employed were able to witness my husband being used to suck the other men’s cocks. They also witnessed me being used in any way possible. I was made to lick the girls’ pussy clean in between johns pumping cum into them. It because very clear that I was no longer the favorite of the boss. A new girl named Sherry had assumed that position. Sherry had become very good friend with one of the girls that arranged for my rape when I was expecting. That girl was named Kim. She enjoyed seeing me put in my place. Kim and Sherry would pick up men that they did not want to fuck, and bring them to the apartment expecting me to fuck them. They were acting like my pimp. I refused to service the first customer that came with them to the apartment. The man was little more that a street person. He smelled like he needed a bath. They had accepted $50 from him and expected me to fuck him. I refused. They had no intention of fucking him. The man got his money back and left pissed off. Sherry and Kim went back to the club and told the boss that I refused to take care of a customer. When I went to work the next day, the boss told me that as long as he was paying for the expense of the apartment for both me and my husband he expected me to respect his customers and the other girls, as well as the male security staff that worked at the club. He said if I was not willing to party with his customers and employees, them I should get out of his apartment. My husband and I did not have the money to set up another apartment at that time, so I told the boss I was sorry, and it would not happen again.

I went home and explained the situation to my husband. He agreed that there was no way for us to move at the time, so we would have to make the best of it.

After Sherry and Kim knew that had the backing of the boss, they took every opportunity to show their power over us. They would bring men into the apartment and make my husband watch me being used for hours, while they toyed with him. Some nights they would stop in after being fucked by johns and make me or my husband clean their cunts with our mouths. They enjoyed jacking my husband off and making him cum so that he was not able to fuck me the same night. They abused his balls and acted like they were going to castrate him if I did not make them cum by eating their cunts. The abuse went on for almost 2 years before we were able to get new jobs and relocated. In the end, being slaves together made our relationship stronger. We moved to a new city and got jobs after my husband’s graduation. We have now settled into a more normal swinging/cuckold life style. We have learned to keep our cuckold lifestyle separate for our employment. We both like to give up our power and submit to other men and women from time to time. We have learned to better manage our relations and not to take as many risks as during our youth. We think back on those days with mixed feelings.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Put back into my place

It did not take my husband and me long to settle into our new apartment. My boss paid all of our bills and gave us more money than we needed to cover my husband’s school expense. He did not require me to dance at the club or to see many new customers. For the most part I came to work and spent time with him and his friends. I may take one of them back to the office for a blowjob from time to time. Normally near the end of the day my boss and I would walk back to my apartment before my husband got home, so that we could spend some time together. This was the best job I had ever had.

Some of the other dancers were resentful of the attention that my boss was showing me. Most of the girls had been his favorite (or thought they were) at some point in time. I did not care if they like me or not. I was enjoying myself and they were just going to have to learn to live with my status at the club and with the boss. Some of the girls had used the apartment that my husband and I lived in to bring customers to for sex in the past. A lot of the girls still had key and would stop in for a quick blowjob or fuck from time to time. I never objected to their us of our apartment, since it was good for the business of the club.

One week the boss was out of town on business, and my husband was gone to take care of some business with his family. I did not go into the club that week, but was spending some quit to along at the apartment. Two of the dances stopped by the apartment while I was taking a nap. They used their key to let themselves into the apartment. They had two Johns with them. They were surprised to see me home, think I was out of town with the boss. I was a little pissed off having strange men coming into my bedroom without warning. We had some words over the matter. I told the girls they would have to take their business to a hotel. The Johns had already worked out a price with them and did not want to put out any more money. They said they would pay an addition $50 for me to join in on the fun, but they were not paying for a hotel room. I was still pissed at the girls, so I said “no, get out of my apartment”. They were ready to leave without doing any business, when one of the girls said she was tried of my shit. She did not like me being around the club or the boss. She came up and hit me in the face and grabbed me by the neck. She told the men they could have their fun for free today. The girl told the men they did not have to pay anything for sex with the two of them, so long as, they fucked me first. She explained to them that I worked at the strip club and no one would take anything I said as creditable. They said the two of them would back up the guy’s story, if I went to the cops. They would tell them I was turning tricks and got mad because they would not pay for my service. The men took her up on the deal. I tried to get out of the apartment. The two girls grabbed me and held me. They told the men they wanted to use me and loosen me up for them first. The men agreed to wait their turn, while watch the show. The bed in the apartment could also be used as a restraint rack when the mattress was removed. The girls knew this since they had worked out of the apartment in the past. They had the men help place me in the restraint rack, so I was under their full control. They knew where the sex toys were stored at and used each device on me in any way they could think of. One of the girls took an electronic stimulator and shocked me in all parts of my body. She did this while knelling on top of me with all her weight. She shocked my pussy for so long that I lost feeling in it. After I stopped trying to fight her, she released me from the restraint rack, so she could better abuse my ass and pussy. The pain and pleasure starting mixing together. I gave up trying to fight her and just decided to let loose and try to enjoy what was taking place. The other dance took her turn whipping me and then she shoved her hand and arm into my pussy. The first girl had loosen me up to the point that her arm went into my pussy with the easy of my husband little dick. The feeling in my pussy was just starting to retune when the girl pulled her arm out of my cunt.

They girls used and abused me for almost two hours before giving me to the men to use. The men took turns shoving their cocks into my mouth while kissing and feeling other the other girls. One of the men tried to fuck my pussy, but gave up when his dick would not stay in because of how large it now was. The other man did fuck me up the ass with ease. After the men shot their loads of cum into the girls, they placed their pussies to my lips for me to clean out. I went along with what ever they wanted me to do. The girls and the Johns left me banged up and sore after using me for 4 hours. I never told my boss or husband about what took place that day. I did not call the police because what the girls said was true, they would not believe a dance’s story. Shortly after that day, I had a miscarriage and lost the baby. I expect the abuse I received by these other women may have lead to the miscarriage. I am glad I did not tell my boss or Jim about this, because of what they made has done to the dancers. I also did not tell them who the father was. It turned out to be a white baby, so the father was not my boss. He never asked me for that information, but just assumed that his black seeds were the ones that made me pregnant. After I lost the baby, my status at the club changed. I was just one of the whores like the other dancers. The boss let us to continue living in the apartment. He started sending other girls with their customers to the apartment more and more, so my husband and I had little privacy. The boss would bring customers and girls to the apartment after he closed the club at 2 AM to fuck and party. This made it hard for my husband to get his sleep in and to get to class on time. We had let our other apartment go, had no car, and our only income come from the club and my boss, so we were not in any place to complain about any thing he did. My boss seemed to enjoy the humiliation of my husband. One night that I worked until closing, my boss came home with me. He invited some of the other dances and customers to also come home with me. The boss told the men they were welcome to have sex with me while my husband watched. He had me wake my husband up and bring him to the living room so he could see me being used. My husband meekly went along with the plan. The two other dancers were setting on the sofa beside my boss. They were watching the men use me while my husband was made to watch. They were kissing and feeling on the boss, while I got my attention from the strangers. My boss noted that my husband little clock was rock hard. He said it was not fair that my husband be left out of all the fun. He then pulled his cock out and told my husband to knell on the floor between his legs and such it while we all watched me in action. My husband looked at me and we made eye contact. We both watched each other being used by these black men. The other dancers continued to kiss on the boss and make fun of my husband while he sucked my boss until he received a big load of cum for his effort. After the boss shot his load into my husband, he had one of the dances jack my husband off while they watch me being fucked up the ass by a large black clock. When my husband shot his load onto the dances hand, the boss told him to lick his mess up and give your wife a kiss. My husband done as he was told.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Unexpected Events

A few weeks went by and the relationship between my husband and I was very odd. We seem to be getting into disagreement over things that normally would not mean much to either of us. Our sex life had taken a strange turn. My husband was being much more aggressive during sex. That was not normal for him. I expected that he was trying to be more like my boss and Jim, because he knew I enjoyed them taking control and being demanding with me. For my husband that was not in his nature. It was not enjoyable for me and I expected, not for him either.

I decided to come out and ask him about the change I had seen in him. After we started taking, I learned that my husband was worried that we were not ready to be parents. He still had at least two more years in school, if he did not have to drop out or cut back on his class load. We had talked about grad school and about me going to school after he completed. He said he did not see how we could do any of that with a baby on the way. He went onto ask me if I would get an abortion. My husband said he thought he would make the same request if he was the father of the child. He was not making the request just because it was another man’s child. At that time we did not know if the father was Jim or my boss. We just knew that if was not my husband. I did not know how to respond to my husband’s request. I told him that I would have to think about it. I had two days off from work to think about what I wanted to do. The next day, Jim and my boss stopped by for a threesome with me. After we had sex (my husband was in class) I told them about my husband request, and about him being worried about the money. My boss told me to tell my husband that he would set us up in an apartment that he owned, that was within walking distance for the club. He said we really would not even near our car, because I could walk to work and my husband could take the city bus to class. He would give us the rent and utilities for free and put me on a salary, so my money would be stable. He said he would do this for a long as my husband or I was in school. He said he would take care of us now and we would be able to raise and care for his child later, after we got good jobs. He pointed out that if my husband rejected this offer, then it was because he did not want to be seen pushing a black baby around the mall, not because of the money. I agreed with his reasoning.

When my husband got home from school, I told him about the visit from my boss and his offer. I was very happy, when he accepted it. We had sex that night, and things were back to normal. My husband was much more playful and caring that he had been in weeks. I called my boss the next day to work out the details.

He was glad my husband accepted his offer. He said he would have some of his male employees come by later to move our things to our new home. My boss told me to tell my husband that I would be “working” from home a lot, so if he called and said customers were coming over to see me, my husband needed to find some place to go. He pointed out that most Johns did not understand or feel comfortable with a cuckold husband being around. I talked with my husband about it, and he understood. The guys from work came and moved our things. We put our car up for sale and sold it the next day. Things were looking good.

Monday, December 1, 2008

My husband submitted to the other men in my life

After Jim and my boss found out that my husband now knew that they had been using me as their personal slut they were open about me being their slave. They came by our apartment when ever they want to fuck me or to get a blowjob. They did not care if my husband was there or not. They stopped by one night with three other men. They became very bold with me. They asked me why I needed to be fucked by men other than my husband. This was with my husband in the room. I told them that I did not want to talk about it. They told me if I did not explain why I needed strange dicks in my pussy they would leave and that would be the end of it. Before I thought about what I was saying, I told them my husband could not satisfy me anymore with his small dick. I went onto asking them to please fuck my pussy and make me cum. They asked my husband if he wanted them to take care of my needs or to leave me for him to satisfy. He said he wanted me to be happy, and if a bigger dick than his was what I needed, then that was what he wanted me to have. The men agreed to take care of me for my husband if he would suck each of their dicks before they put them in my cunt. My husband looked into my eyes when given the choose to suck the men or not. I told him that “I love you and will always love you.” With that said my husband got on his knees and took my boss’s big black cock into his mouth. After my boss was hard, he sucked Jim and then the other men. Jim was the only one to cum in his mouth. He held his head between his hands and shot a load of cum into his mouth. Jim told him that he knew the first time we ever met as swingers that one day he would make him eat his cum while I watched.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bareback Sex

I went home that night and told my husband that I had to go off the pill and we would have to use condoms. I went along with my boss and Jim’s plans to be the only bareback sex I would have. Jim and my boss let other men use me for blowjob, but they were the only ones that fucked my pussy. I expected that for as long as I had taken the pill for, I would have protection for 6 or 8 weeks after stopping using it. I was wrong. It turned out that I had gotten pregnant sometime within the first month. I told my husband the full story. I explained that I did not want to give up my relationship with Jim and I could not give up my job. We needed the money with the baby on the way. I explained that there was a chance my baby would be black. The good news was he was now free to fuck me bareback. We fucked for the first time in 3 months without protection. My husband became very aggressive during our sex that night. I was not sure how our marriage was but the sex was good.

I went onto work and told my boss that my husband now knew about my love for BBC. My boss fucked me on the floor of his office. He told me that I could continue working at the club. He said a lot of guy would like fucking or getting a blowjob for a knocked up married white girl.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

For the Love of BBC

I spent the remainder of the night being used and abused at the BD/SM Club. The next morning I was driven to the airport and place on a plan home. Jim and my boss picked me up at the airport. We stopped at a cheap motel near the airport and spend most of the day having sex. They asked me to tell them about my week in Lansing and Detroit. I told the all of the details. After hearing how I was used, they both were surprised that my pussy was not more stretched out of shape. They asked how I liked being used by all of the strange men around the clock. I had to admit that I enjoyed it. I told them I was glad that I was on the pill, because with all of that sperm pumped into my pussy, I would have surely gotten impregnated. I told them since more that half of the men that fucked my pussy were black; I would have had a real good chance of having a black baby. Without think about what I was about to say, I told them about my husband’s upbringing and about his feeling toward blacks when we got into swinging. My boss said I should tell my husband that I enjoyed fucking black men and there was not any thing he could do about it. I explained that I did not want to have that conversation with my husband. Jim reminded me and my boss that he had photos of me being fucked and used by blacks. He said he could send my husband copies and I would not have to tell him anything. The photos would speak for me. I begged Jim not to do that. He and my boss agreed that that may be the best thing, just send him the photos and get it over with. I again begged them not to do that. My boss asked if I intended to give up big black cocks for good. I thought about his question and said “no”. He then asked me why put off telling my husband the news, and let him deal with it or get out of my life. I again begged Jim and my boss not to send the photos to my husband. I told them I was willing to do anything they asked it they would let me handle the problem when I was ready to deal with it. My boss said if Jim agreed, he would keep my love of black cocks from my husband under one condition. He said he wanted me to stop taking the pill. He, Jim and my husband would be the only men fucking my pussy. I was to tell my husband that I had some medical problems with the pill and my Dr. took me off them. I was only to allow my husband to fuck my pussy with a condom on. He and Jim would continue to fuck me bareback. If I became pregnant I would know there was a good chance of having a black baby. At that time I would have decide if I was going to tell my husband or risk giving him a surprise black baby. I agreed to their conditions, knowing that it would take a few days before the birth control pill got out of my system, so the risk of getting knocked up was fairly low at this time.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Used at the BD/SM Club

The photos taken for Jim and my boss tell it best.