Sunday, November 16, 2008

For the Love of BBC

I spent the remainder of the night being used and abused at the BD/SM Club. The next morning I was driven to the airport and place on a plan home. Jim and my boss picked me up at the airport. We stopped at a cheap motel near the airport and spend most of the day having sex. They asked me to tell them about my week in Lansing and Detroit. I told the all of the details. After hearing how I was used, they both were surprised that my pussy was not more stretched out of shape. They asked how I liked being used by all of the strange men around the clock. I had to admit that I enjoyed it. I told them I was glad that I was on the pill, because with all of that sperm pumped into my pussy, I would have surely gotten impregnated. I told them since more that half of the men that fucked my pussy were black; I would have had a real good chance of having a black baby. Without think about what I was about to say, I told them about my husband’s upbringing and about his feeling toward blacks when we got into swinging. My boss said I should tell my husband that I enjoyed fucking black men and there was not any thing he could do about it. I explained that I did not want to have that conversation with my husband. Jim reminded me and my boss that he had photos of me being fucked and used by blacks. He said he could send my husband copies and I would not have to tell him anything. The photos would speak for me. I begged Jim not to do that. He and my boss agreed that that may be the best thing, just send him the photos and get it over with. I again begged them not to do that. My boss asked if I intended to give up big black cocks for good. I thought about his question and said “no”. He then asked me why put off telling my husband the news, and let him deal with it or get out of my life. I again begged Jim and my boss not to send the photos to my husband. I told them I was willing to do anything they asked it they would let me handle the problem when I was ready to deal with it. My boss said if Jim agreed, he would keep my love of black cocks from my husband under one condition. He said he wanted me to stop taking the pill. He, Jim and my husband would be the only men fucking my pussy. I was to tell my husband that I had some medical problems with the pill and my Dr. took me off them. I was only to allow my husband to fuck my pussy with a condom on. He and Jim would continue to fuck me bareback. If I became pregnant I would know there was a good chance of having a black baby. At that time I would have decide if I was going to tell my husband or risk giving him a surprise black baby. I agreed to their conditions, knowing that it would take a few days before the birth control pill got out of my system, so the risk of getting knocked up was fairly low at this time.

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